Beauty – Introducing Björk & Berries

Continuing with the Scandi theme this week (I am off to Stockholm tomorrow), I thought I would share my latest skincare / beauty discovery: Björk & Berries. I had seen their pretty and pure packaging dotted around department stores in Stockholm last time I was there but didn’t have time to investigate further. Then, just before London Fashion Week, I received an invitation from my friends at Varg PR to visit the Re Present showroom and lo and behold, here were those beautifully presented beauty products again! I promptly pocketed a few bits (the whole collection) to test at home so I could talk to you guys about them.
The idea behind the brand, launched in 2012 by Ebba Lugani was to take the traditions of the Swedish beauty industry and share them with the world. Swedish beauty is very idiosyncratic, it is a mix between nature, beauty and design. The goal being to use as many natural / organic ingredients as possible. Which of course doesn’t mean your bathroom has to look like a hippie exploded in there, hence the minimalist-luxe packaging. 
What I love the most about this is that it is about looking effortless, natural and clean while fighting the cold weather (and in Sweden, they have real cold, not UK cold). It sits very well with my personal beauty ethos which is all about prevention and in depth care rather than “camouflage”. I have been taught early on by my grandma to take good care of my skin, including areas that are often overlooked (rough patches on the elbows aren’t the most attractive thing). Moisturising is of course an important part of my daily routine and the combination of the gentle White Forest Body Wash and Body Oil everyday has done wonders in ridding me of the usual Winter snake skin. I’ve also been using the Body Scrub as a treat, once a week, mainly in preparation for my upcoming trip to Morocco which will be the first time my skin has seen any sun since Miami in December. 
The rest of the range is more frivolous and to stash in the “everyday luxuries” compartment: a scented candle, perfume oil and hand wash. All of them divinely scented with a rich, wooden, green and sweet fragrance. 

All products courtesy of Björk & Berries