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Carin Wester AW14
I am off to Stockholm on Friday to work with Olympus, so needless to say Scandi-fashion is more than ever on my mind. If you know me, you are probably already thinking "yes but when is it NOT on your mind?". That's the thing, you see: despite being from Paris (ultimate fashion city apparently) and living in London (inspiration capital of the world) I tend to look to Sweden and the whole of Scandinavia for style tips. 

For example, whenever I visit the Varg showroom, home of my friends Tove & Rachel and of my dog-husband Bob, I always sneakily take notes on everything they are wearing and everything that's on display as it is generally what keeps me going for the following weeks. You think Parisians have that effortless cool thing down? Think again - we owe everything to the Swedes. 

Below are some of the pieces from AW14 collections that come as a welcome dose of inspiration for the last few weeks of this long Winter. 

Gudrun & Gudrun AW14

Carin Wester AW14

Carin Wester - see also main image

Gudrun & Gudrun AW14

Gudrun & Gudrun

Menckel AW14 - Life and Style through the eyes of a thirty-something Parisian in London


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