California Here We Come – My Los Angeles Essentials

It’s that time of the year again!! Soon I will board a jumbo jet heading to the sunny shores of California to spend two weeks in Los Angeles aka my happy place. I’ve been packing in my head for a few weeks now, these trips to the City of Angels are truly the highlights of my year. The few days I spent in Morocco last week were a rehearsal of sorts: I tried new outfits, a different suncream and prepared myself for the inevitable: nice weather. How awful! Below are some bits and pieces I have collected over the past few months… Endless Summer, here I come!
1 – Helmer Shopper*, 2 –  SPF 30 Suncream, 3 – * – 4,  Sandals, 5 – Swash Turban (via Beach Flamingo)* – 6 – Miu Miu sunglasses (via Pret à Voir)*
I’ve been eyeing these Miu Miu sunglasses for a long while, but couldn’t justify adding yet another pair of sunnies to my collection. However, when Pret à Voir kindly asked me to pick a pair from their site, I knew they had to be the ones. If there is one place to wear glittery sunglasses, it has to be LA, right?
I am quite the creature of habit when it comes to picking suncreams, especially as I have extra sensitive skin and am prone to sun allergies (WHY?!? I LOVE YOU SUN). I usually go for Ambre Solaire, but this time, since I had a few trips to get my skin gradually used to the sunshine, I ordered this one from ASOS. So far, no allergies, no burns and a very light tan.
Inside my Helmer bag: suncream, sunnies and Toni’s Got Sole espadrilles (via Beach Flamingo). Essentials for a day cycling around Santa Monica and Venice Beach, I think we can all agree on that.

When in London, I tend to carry small, black cross body bags because I don’t take too much stuff with me when I leave the house. On holiday it is a different story: I always need my camera (my PEN EP-5 is small, although sadly doesn’t fit in my smallest bags), suncream, a pair of jelly shoes (I don’t like going in the sea without them, I am a big baby), a cotton scarf and other bits and bobs we all need while wandering around. This snakeskin Helmer shopper is perfect for that, it fits everything and more and is also pretty cool looking. The bags are all made and designed by the Helmer family, read more about them here (warning: contains babes).

Last but not least, comfortable sandals! After the untimely death of my beloved See by Chloé sandals (they lasted me 8 years), I thought it was time to invest in a new pair of Summer shoes that would hopefully last me just as long. I was looking for something with a chunky enough sole without going into the dreaded Birkenstock territory (still not down with that trend), but also something that would go with my entire wardrobe. These sandals found on Matches do the trick just fine. They came with me to Morocco and are the comfiest Summer shoes I own.