Fellah Hotel Visual Diary – Day 1

I have arrived in Paradise. This is what immediately came to mind when I stepped out of the car and entered the magical gardens of the Fellah Hotel here in Morocco. It smells divine, a mix of jasmine, orange blossoms and mint. I was going to wait until I was back in London to share images with you and a review of the hotel, but this is all so overwhelmingly beautiful, so perfect I just had to show you my surroundings right now.  Of course, I will follow up with a proper review when I get back to London, as planned, but before I will invite you here with me, at least through photos so you can enjoy this incredible place.

You can also find some photos on my Instagram.

By the pool. Zara sandals

Fresh mint tea by the pool, while listening to traditional songs about solidarity, love and life.

On our bedroom balcony wearing Toi & Moi dress, Zara sandals, Zanzan sunnies and MCM Elda clutch.

A beautiful hotel calls for an equally beautiful travel companion: my friend Federica.

Mademoiselle Robot is a guest of the Fellah Hotel & Original Travel