Beauty – Berry Lips For Spring

At the moment I am constantly torn between natural / nude lipstick and dark berry hues. My make-up style is very pared down these days and this is what is making me long for darker lips. I love the contrast between a bare, glowing face and dark matte lips. This isn’t really news as berry shades were all over the runways for Fall 2013, but in the darkest, deepest Winter, I don’t want to look like a vampire any more than I already do so to me this is a look best for Spring when my outfits are a little more colourful and my skin a little less grey. Today I compiled some of the nicest berry lipsticks out there, some darker, some lighter, some glossy and some matte. And of course, I added in some lip pencils as you will definitely need their help to achieve the perfect berry lip. Depending on the intensity you want to obtain, you can apply with a brush or tap it on with your finger (which ends up looking more like a stain – I like this a lot). Either way, don’t forget to blot, powder and re-apply!

Lea Seydoux in ELLE France

Marni by Tania Braukämper

Tessa by Nyra Lang // Main image from Louis Vuitton