Babe Time – The One About Body Image

The human body… A magical, well-tuned machine that walks, talks, makes babies and makes us feel sorry for ourselves a little too often. No matter what we look like, we always complain about something: our nose is too big, our boobs too small, our weight not right. We wish to be taller, thinner, curvier, more beautiful. We want blue eyes, we want straight hair, we want to look like the other girls. The thing is: we will never have all those things and we are dealt a hand that we have to learn to appreciate. We won’t magically wake up one day and be Gisele Bundchen or Scarlett Johansson but we could wake up one day and thing “you know what, I look pretty awesome“.

Because of what I do and the industry I work in, I am constantly reminded of what my body “should” look like: slender, tall, without any bumps or lumps. I should also be young forever, with perfect skin, perhaps with no pores at all. And if God forbid I was to put on weight because I ate a carb (OMG YOU ATE A CARB?!?) I need to go and punish myself straight away to GET THIN BEFORE SUMMER, GET THAT BIKINI BODY. Perhaps I could TRY THE PALEO DIET, maybe I could GO TO SPIN CLASSES and LOSE THOSE UNWANTED KILOS. Or maybe I could just put away all the magazines and take a long hard look at myself in the mirror and see the truth: I am who I am, I don’t want to look like I am told to look in magazines. I still feel inadequate at Fashion Week, but this is something I need to work on. I need to stand up for myself more and stop comparing my own body to that of others. We should all stop comparing ourselves to others and start living for ourselves. Dressing for ourselves and loving every moment of it. 

In today’s episode of Babe Time, Loulou and I tackle the issue of Body Image by replying to some of your questions about style, bullying, eating disorders and seeking validation from the internet. Watch the video (it is about 15mn long) and talk to us in the comments!

The next episode will be about dating, love and relationships, so email us questions or reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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