SS14 Collections For Your Bodyshape – Part 1: Hourglass

How To Dress For Your Bodyshape

Remember a few months ago, I came back from yet another fashion week and reached the height of “fashion fatigue” – spend too long by the side of the runway and it will happen. I mainly ended up sitting there, looking at the clothes modelled by all those tall and thin teenagers with similar body shapes and wondering what they would look like on someone else – someone of a different shape. It is a common mistake to think that your clothes size dictates what you “should” or “shouldn’t” wear, when really you want to base it on your body shape. Then regardless of size, whether you are a 6 or a 16, you can look for certain cuts that will work on your body type. Of course this isn’t an exact science and we don’t all fit exactly within one of the categories, but it is a start.

I was looking for a different way to decrypt the new season for you, and I figured it would be more useful to sort it by body type rather than by trends. This week, let’s talk about hourglass ladies – in case you are not sure what that means, here is a quick recap: 
Hourglass shape: similar bust and hips proportions, defined waist (generally about 8 inches smaller than bust/hips). When you put on weight, you generally put on weight everywhere on your body.

Now let’s see what’s on your SS14 horizon…

How To Dress For Your Bodyshape
Having an hourglass figure doesn’t mean you can’t play around with androgynous styles – sure you will never look very masculine with such feminine curves BUT you can make it work. I love the as it basically ticks all the hourglass boxes – nipped in waist and low cut top – without being obvious. The Dior suit, with its jacket fitted at the waist is also a winner. You could also take a page from Galliano’s book and belt a boxy jacket. My wild card here is the outfit: it will only work on ladies with smaller busts (i.e. if you can go without a bra).

How To Dress For Your Bodyshape
It is a bit of an obvious statement, but when you have an hourglass figure, your small waist is one of your best assets, so nip it in! Try peplum tops with loose pencil skirts like at , belted dresses like at Viktor & Rolf and Tsumori Chisato. You can also embrace the short skater dress as seen at or go all out classic bombshell like one of the babes.
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I also created a pinterest board dedicated to the Hourglass shape that I will update regularly with new finds and new collections.