Letters From The Louniverse – January

Tarot Card Of The Month – The King of Swords
Happy New Year! 

As you sit and prepare for the year ahead, I want to help you head off on the right footing – a positive footing.

With Swords representing the element of Air, this King is the proud leader of the realm of mental thinking. One of the shadow sides that he can teach us about is when we are prone to self-sabotage – this is when we use our thoughts to block us from going for what we really want in life.

We self-sabotage within our work when we are afraid of failure and strangely enough when we are afraid of success – again it’s a fear of change. This is also relevant in relationships where we can be so obsessed with what might happen that we purposefully cause problems just so that we can be comforted by our perceived “failing”.

This January, try and remove any what if trains of thought – remember my Surrender practice from last month? Put that into play when you find yourself procrastinating or swimming in self-doubt.

You are brave enough to start participating in your own life, to recognize that you have something to give to the world and ultimately to not use your fears as a comfort blanket. Whatever you think you can’t change about your ways of thinking – you can.  

At his best The King of Swords inspires us to be calm, present, strong willed and powerful – with impeccable clarity. This positive use of our thought processes enables us to get on with our tasks without being sidetracked by our emotions. He also gives us the skill to hone our intuition and use it to give us clear perception untainted by fear and doubt

Use your stack of Swords wisely to give you confidence and assurance that you deserve to proceed with what that you love and believe in. You are in charge of how you choose to see your life – kick off the year with a miraculous mindset. 

Personal evolution is awesome – off to it!

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