A Pink Coat

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you would have noticed something very important was happening for this AW: pink coats. As I am a bit of a marshmallow hues lover, I adopted my first pink coat last Winter, remember it? Its name is Oscar and made by my lovely friend Vivetta – have a look at it again.
I really wanted to add the pink Carven coat to my collection but couldn’t really justify the price tag, especially for another pink coat – I mean they are lovely but hardly practical and/or timeless. My solution was to take to the high-street, where I knew there would be some strong contenders. First stop was , as I’d been stuck on since their press day. In this post, I wear it as my “evening” option, as I find it a little dressier, perhaps it is the fabric or the slightly 40s cut. This coat is currently sold out online, but there are a few left in store (at £85, it is a steal too!) and the good news is that it will come back in stock online mid-November, so don’t miss it! .
Second stop? Well of course. Their pink coat is almost identical to the Carven one, for a tenth of the price. Is it worth it? Hell yes. Sadly, this coat too is sold out on ASOS, but , if you fancy yourself as a Snow Queen.
At the end of this post, you will also find a shoppable pink coats edit…

I am wearing – , , , vintage sweater.

I am wearing – , vintage sweater, Noiselle shoes, vintage Dior clutch, , .

Photos by Richard Davenport