London Cocktail Week with Alexander & James

I am no cocktail expert – although I am quite skilled when it comes to drinking them – but I thought it would be fun, to celebrate London Cocktail Week (Oct 7th – 13th) to try and make some at home. So I partnered up with online premium spirits boutique Alexander & James to share with you my take on one of the Robot House’s favourites: the Old Fashioned. 
Yes, we like timeless classics even when it comes to cocktails. Actually, we especially like classic cocktails. I tried many strange over the top sweet “lady” cocktails over the years and am now staying well clear of them. Now, to tell you the entire truth, the Old Fashioned isn’t really my cocktail of choice, it is my husband’s. I thought for once I could be Betty Draper and have his favourite cocktail ready for him after work (and then he could do the dishes and make dinner). Also, it is actually a fairly easy cocktail to make, so I knew I wouldn’t get it wrong. 
Have a look at my little step by step below:

I used Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old Single Malt whisky instead of Bourbon (which will make some people squirm, but it tastes great). I also used some of the Alexander & James Cocktail set from their Luxury gifts range (mainly the muddler and measure).
In addition to your spirit of choice you will need: one orange, a lemon, cocktail cherries, sugar, angostura bitters, whisky tumblers (mine are from )… and a bit of patience.

I added a tiny squeeze of lemon juice to the sugar and bitters to help mix them together.
Mixing it all up nicely is pretty time-consuming, I always feel bad for bartenders when anyone orders an Old Fashioned on a busy night.
Throw in a cocktail cherry and an orange wedge, then pour the spirits and add ice.
Enjoy! (moderately please)
In case you don’t feel like making your own cocktails at home – which means you are probably even lazier than me and I really can’t blame you – Alexander & James offer a pretty cool and brand new “Mixologist-at-home” service which delivers a complete cocktail party directly to you. That gives me ideas for my birthday party… Or perhaps Brak and I could celebrate something very special together. I really quite like the idea of a cocktail party delivered to my house.
This is a collaboration between Mademoiselle Robot and Alexander & James