Letters From The Louniverse – October

October – Three of Pentacles.
Aside from getting reacquainted with your winter coat and blanket (I don’t want you to think I’m not reading your mind here) the other important theme for October is stepping up your game. Boom. 
The threes are always about expansion and combined with the Pentacles this card is all about evolving your skills, the key word here being mastery, I love it and see it as encouragement for you to aim high and even higher. Hints that you need to be stretching yourself further can come via a touch of boredom and/or frustration within your environment. Plus a sympathetic shout out to those of you in your late 20’s and facing your Saturn Return, this is also for you. This need to shed your skin is a love letter from the Universe to align yourself with your brightest path.
If you envision this trio of Pentacles as representing the student, the teacher and the master and as a cycle that we should always be rotating through. Perhaps you have reached a certain level in your career or project and it’s time to pass on your knowledge, how could you be serving others with your skills? and on the flip side, where can you be acquiring new ones? 
It is important to note this month that to be a great teacher you also have to accept help. October may bring a turning point here where you let go of stubborn or controlling ways in order to seek forward thinking guidance in the form of a Life Coach or mentor.
Finally remember the excitement that teamwork can bring, we should be surrounding ourselves with those who uplift us, and also be that energy for others. Sit with friends and share those new life game plans, do you notice how great it feels to be supporting and supportive in comparison to a mood dulling low level judgemental vibe? Set your attitude to ‘Positive progression’ and your report card will be an A+.
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