Inspiration – Z-Boys

I find surfing and skateboarding completely hypnotic. To me it is much more than a sport, it is magic – skaters, surfers defying gravity, flying in the air and riding the ocean on pieces of wood is pure witchcraft. And I LOVE it. I could watch people skating for hours, and I did when I was a teenager. I used to go sit in the square near my mum’s house just to watch skaters skate. Sure, they weren’t the Z-boys, but some of them were good and they still fascinated me, their dexterity and balance totally mesmerising. These images stayed with me, the outfits, the hair, the general attitude still inspire me. 
At the weekend, I watched Dogtown and Z-Boys, a documentary about the Zephyr skateboarding team and how they invented vertical skating by pretty much being punks on skateboards. It is a visual feast, of course because the tricks and Los Angeles backdrop but also because of these guys incredible style. 
Traduction – Mon obsession pour la culture skate / surf est une source d’inspiration sans fin. 

Toni Alva
Team Alva Skates in 1988
Peggy Oki

Toni Alva
Jay Adams
The Dog bowl