J. Brand Degrade Nebula Jeans For Harrods

My weakness madness for a good pair of jeans takes me to many, many places. As soon as I think I found my favourite pair (Goldsign Virtual), I start finding flaws to it. A bit like when you think you found the ultimate dreamboat, you go on a few dates and then realise he might be just a boat after all. He is cute and all, but the sex isn’t amazing, his conversation errs on the dull side and he is just not quite right. Well jeans are the same except instead of not being good kissers, they sag at the knees. 
I currently live in a pair of J.Brand Maria (the high waisted, super skinny ones) but I am cheating on them with these 801 in Degradé Nebula, designed exclusively to celebrate the launch of the Jeans Therapy corner in Harrods. Metallics are pretty big this Summer so I thought I’d have a little try of a trend for once, instead of moping in the corner like Grumpy Cat.
Details – 801 in Degradé Nebula is a coated mid-rise jean with a dusted glitter spray with ombre effect towards the leg opening.
Retail price – £275