Ida Sjöstedt SS13 “Dream Girls” #mbfwstockholm

Ida Sjöstedt‘s presented a collection made in Dreamland, inspired by life seen through Instagram’s rose tinted filters. It sounds like a gimmick (and it sort of is if you think about it) but it actually makes a whole lot of sense for über girly Ida whose designs pretty much always seem to come straight out of a fairy tale book. Let’s call it whimsical-practical, which is much more my cup of tea than edgy-trashy (a wonderful term coined by Kiki‘s fiancé stalker on our soggy way to the Acne Archive). 
Taken separately, most pieces from the SS line aren’t overly girly (ok maybe they are) and would fit in pretty much any wardrobe (mine). I am also smitten with the accessories, designed by Charlott Vasberg – small clutches and large day bags with straps inspired by gift wrap. 
Traduction – Ida Sjöstedt est de loin la créatrice la plus girly à Stockholm. L’inspiration derrière la nouvelle collection “Dream Girls” vient directement d’Instagram – un peu cliché, certes, mais compte tenu de l’univers habituel Sjöstedt, cela fonctionne plutôt bien