Dream Wardrobe – Casual Style

If you need to know one thing about me, you need to know this: I love looking at other people’s stuff. I love scrutinising, inspecting, pouring over and then I love even more the decision process, the agony of having to pick just one person out of however many. So when I received an email  saying “Hey Laetitia, would you like to be the judge for the Casual category of our Passion For Fashion competition?” I let you guess my answer.
Right now, I am pretty excited about the Fall, but I am really thinking about things I could wear for fashion month and most of my picks gravitate towards a more casual style so it was quite a fun thing for me to try and put together a casual look for under £200 to give you an example of what we expect.
But enough about me! I need to tell you about the “Passion For Fashion” competition in which you can win £1000 towards your dream AW12 wardrobe! 

How to enter
– You must have a blog.
– Put together an outfit for each of the 5 categories (outdoor, party wear, casual, first date/formal and office) to sum up the perfect autumn/winter wardrobe –  each outfit shouldn’t cost more than £200.
– Write a post explaining your choices.
– Email the link to your post to [email protected] (you’ll receive a confirmation within 72 hours)
– You have until September 24th to enter, and you must be 18 or over.

An overall winner will receive £1000 to spend on their dream autumn/winter wardrobe plus an iPad3 and the winner of each of the 5 individual categories will receive £200 to spend on their outfits. Not bad uh? I would be happy winning my outfit!
You’ve seen my own outfit at the top, use it as an example when you create your own. I wanted to create something that represents my style, so a mix between soft/feminine and tomboy. I used a lot of muted and pastel hues worn with ripped boyfriend jeans. I will most definitely be wearing something similar to Fashion Week – so comfortable! See below for the price list…