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Miu Miu & Me – Ten Silhouettes (+1)

Prada’s little sister Miu Miu is one of my first fashion crushes. By this I don’t mean from when I was a child, because the label didn’t exist then, but when I was old enough to be able to covet and sometimes buy into a brand. The playfulness of the collections appeals to me and of course so does the heavy vintage influence.
I also love Prada, but I keep thinking it is a brand I will draw inspiration from when I am older. Miu Miu however seems to be perfectly in tune with what I want to wear and has been so for years and years. Narrowing down over ten years of collections to just ten silhouettes was pretty tricky, but I am pleased with the results. 
A bit like Luella Bartley, Miuccia Prada takes fashion codes and puts them upside-down. Her bourgeois chic is always subversive, her more “sexy” creations have a really innocent side. The silhouettes are very girly, but also quite minimal which I like. I used to be into a much more cluttered style, but nowadays I tend to go for more simple things. 

Miu Miu

Of course Miu Miu wouldn’t be Miu Miu without the little details and quirks. A mismatched belt here, a rogue collar there, socks and pumps to finish it off. To me, a good outfit is all about the details and accessories. No need to go over the top if you have the right shoes or belt… or ring on.

Miu Miu
Miu Miu
Strangely enough, two of my absolute favourite Miu Miu outfits were from fairly recent collections and were quite heavily embellished/printed, but they somehow remain extremely simple. The flora/fauna print collection was a massive hit and sold out before I had time to say “Net à Porter“. As for the other outfit… I still have a photo of myself wearing it in the changing rooms at Selfridges, with a massive grin on my face. I briefly considered it as a wedding dress, but it would have been too hot.
Miu Miu

By the way you will be pleased to know the Miu Miu e-store is now OPEN!!! Hide your wallets.


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