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Luella & Me – Ten silhouettes

In order to show you what inspires my personal style and also for me to understand my sartorial impulses a little better, I thought I’d have a look at past collections of designers I love and pick out 10 silhouettes that influenced me. 

I love Luella’s preppy-punk aesthetic, it appeals to the fashion square in me who can’t really go for one or the other. I like the preppy dress code and I like elements of punk but I don’t adhere 100% to either lifestyle so a middle-ground is needed. Sartorially, these two worlds mix surprisingly well.

I love ladylike clothes, I – obviously- love vintage, but I can’t see myself dressing like a Lady everyday and even less dressing in full vintage attire all the time. It is a full lifestyle and it is not mine. I am happy to steal from the old lady closet from time to time and mix it with more modern pieces. 

The romantic witch or vaguely mental goth is possibly the one aspect that fits in the best with who I am… Even though once again I don’t go for the full works. I like girly style with a slightly darker side to it. I am not sure whether that makes me a total square or if that means I reached my style balance…


The ten silhouettes that influences me couldn’t be complete without featuring my wedding dress… I think the choice of the dress I wore on my wedding sums my style up perfectly. It isn’t a wedding dress, it is fairly classic and girly but it has a little twist to it (metal hardware, military inspired buttons). The fact I chose and bought it in 5 minutes also gives you an idea of what my style personality is – I know what I like!
This first installment of 10 silhouettes was rather easy as Luella is one of my absolute favourite designers (still sad she doesn’t trade anymore). It was also easy as I now own quite a few bits so I could pick some of those as part of the 10 silhouettes. Next time, I will challenge myself a little more…

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