Swedish Hasbeens SS11

I am a fool. Considering I spend half of my waking time chanting about Swedish Hasbeens and how they are my favourite shoes, I should really have unearthed these images earlier. I can’t even remember if I had posted the photos from the last fashion week where the Spring-Summer collection was on display. If I didn’t, I truly am failing at my job and I will go and stick a fork in my hand right away. Then I will jump in the pizza oven. I will become the  God O’ Clogs toy. 
I don’t think I need to say anything about Hasbeens – I’ve said it all many times before. I will say one thing though: this season is the season for diversity. Hasbeens are making flats… and non-clogs. By this I mean regular shoes. The best thing is they are proving just how nice their regular shoe designs are. They are no longer just the retro Swedish company that brought clogs back from their seventies exile. They are now a proper shoe label with a great mix of cool and classic designs. Dang, I thought I didn’t have anything more to say about them…
Have a look at my greedy little shoe wish list.
013 High Heeled Leather Sandal Turquoise
002 Ballerina Perforated Black kommer
001 Ballerina Hepburn Yellow
399 Striped Beach Sandal Red and White
302 Mimmi Mouse Red
312 60's Slingback Neon Pink
Wow. I need to make some space in my closet…