What I Wore Today and giveaway news

The past couple of years have seen a plethora of new ways to show fashion and personal style online. From blogs to fashion communities such as weardrobe or lookbook there is a wide range of places where style can be expressed, shown off and compared. More or less at the source of it all is a Flickr group (even made into a book), Wardrobe Remix, created by Tricia Royal from Bits and Bobbins in 2005. Still going strong with over 14.000 members, it has seen the first steps of many fashion bloggers (Betty, The Clothes Horse, LiebeMarlene and more). I love delving into the archives of the group and see how people’s style have evolved in the past 4 years. There is a very specific aesthetic to the group as well, which you don’t necessarily find in similar communities.
I could go on about Wardrobe Remix for a while, but this is not quite my point today. I actually want to talk to you about another Flickr group called What I Wore Today created by Gemma Correll, which is essentially Wardrobe Remix but with illustrations only. It’s been around for a little bit now and I have a few favourites on there I wanted to share with you. I am sure a lot of you are already on Flickr and will have visited the group, but for the others, I think it deserves a mention, a visit, and your participation, if you can!

(via Caitlin Shearer – Flickr here)
(via Alison Haines – Flickr here)
If like me you are into illustration you will love it as it will introduce you to a whole new world of illustrators. Believe me when I say it will make your life better!
In other news: I am not taking any more entries for the Awesome Possum Christmas Giveaway. I am waiting for the last few prizes to arrive at Mademoiselle Robot HQ and then I will draw the three winners!
Just to make it really clear – NO MORE ENTRIES FOR THE GIVEAWAY…
By the end of this week I will also announce the winners of the three Giles Deacon scarves 🙂