Mummy, Mummy, I went and published a book!

Some of you may have noticed the itsy bitsy Blurb button on the right sidebar, at the very top. Some of you may even have clicked it. Some of you may be following me on Twitter and read my tweets yesterday. Some of you might not.
Well here’s the deal: Mademoiselle Robot is now 2 years old.
It has been the best two years ever, I have met wonderful people, been to cool places, started new adventures, launched a business – all that thanks to a little blog started on a whim to keep busy and keep writing while watching my baby grow.
Knowing that this website evolved so much, went through a few redesigns, a few editorial directions and is now nominated for Best Fashion Blog in the Handbag Online Fashion Awards makes me really proud of myself, and also really thankful of all the support from every single one of you who reads my ramblings every day, takes time to comment, to add the the discussion. I have discovered lots of great blogs as well, through your comments, through twitter etc. So thank you for staying by my side all that time, and welcome to all my new readers.
This is turning into a cheesy Oscar speech here, so let me go straight to the point: I made a book, I made my very first book.
To celebrate my blog being 2, I wanted to do something special for you and for me. So I made a book. It is called “My Crushes Book” and it is a compilation of interviews I have done in the past couple of years. It is available online here and you can preview it here.
It is available as soft or hard cover, 10×8 inches and printed on Premium silky paper. It has interviews with The Belles of Black Diamond Field, Matthew Gray Gubler, Steve Damstra, Nubby Twiglet, Pippa Brooks, Minna Parikka, Caitlin Shearer and many many more!