Pinstriped Trousers

Modern Work Wear 

Pinstriped trousers are office classics, often paired with a sharp blazer as part of a banker’s daily attire. But far away from Wall Street and deep into the creative industry, how does one wear pinstripes?

First of all, ditch the stiff fabrics and tailored styles, you want your pinstriped trousers slouchy, boyish and as soft as pyjama pants. If it was up to me, all trousers would be as soft as pyjama pants, including skinny jeans which, despite being my everyday choice are starting to feel more like garrotting torture devices than cool off-duty attire.

Subverting classic styles is one of my little style tricks, it probably comes from years spent in Paris, trying to blend in and (discreetly) stand out at the same time. As a Parisian woman, this stuff is passed on to you from generation to generation: a good wardrobe is about strong basics. But basics are quite boring, aren’t they? This is why we need a twist.

The twist here, I guess, is to take the pinstriped trousers out of the office and into loungewear territory. Watch out though: keep the top half of your outfit fairly structured to avoid looking like you actually rolled out of bed. I chose to wear a black ribbed turtleneck jumper layered under a v-neck vest. Textures ahoy.

Mini’s advice: you can also wear shoes with a striped sole to match the trousers’ design.