Jean Genie – An Easy (Enough) Denim DIY Trick

This is a bit of a particular DIY as I didn’t do any of the below myself (two left hands and all that) but I “imagined” the end result and then worked alongside a jean genie to fulfil my wildest denim dreams. This came about when I visited the Wåven pop-up store on D’Arblay street a couple weeks ago. Sadly, the pop-up is no longer, but a) you can still buy their cool jeans online and b) you can use any old pair of 501’s for this project c) if you are better than me at DIY (which is highly likely) you don’t even need the help of their jean genie.
Pick your swatches carefully. The monster is optional.
Pin the swatches where you want them on the jeans.
Iron them on so they are nice and flat (you can use iron-on tape too!)
Sew the patches on – using a sewing machine if you can, it’s quicker.
Bonus step: cut and fray the bottom hem for an extra special Summer look.