Georgia Louise Facial At The Bulgari Hotel

Do you know what Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Linda Evangelista, Anna Wintour and Alexander Wang have in common? An extremely skilled British facialist called Georgia Louise. From her exclusive Atelier in Manhattan, this elite aesthetician concocts potions and lotions and comes up with innovative ways to look after her clients’ skin. Forever hunting down the best new machines and only working with the crême de la crême of facialists, she has built a faithful clientele of A-listers and beauty lovers. I have been a convert of her “at-home facial” for some time now, so I was over the moon when I found out her treatments were now carried in London, at the very swish Bulgari Hotel spa. At home facials are great, but you definitely cannot beat the real thing as I found out today.
The treatment I tried today was the Georgia Louise, which is the most extravagant facial I tried so far. It includes of course many products from her new professional range as well as a cryo-treatment and LED mask (called Penelope). The treatment feels very pampering but is very much results-driven to satisfy time-poor  New-Yorkers and now Londoners. In 90mn, she will turn your skin around like nobody’s business and leave you feeling plump, glowing and ready to take over the world.
The relaxation room at the Bulgari Spa
Some of my favourite products from the Georgia Louise range. The new packaging looks even more luxurious.
This is me before the treatment, wearing light make-up. My skin is pretty good at the moment as it loves warmer weather, but as you can see it isn’t exactly glowing.
We start the treatment with a 3-step cleanse, followed by an enzyme mask and oxygen infusion
Then it is time for cryo, where a very cold wand is used to massage your entire face for a few minutes, allowing the product to really enter the skin.
Then you get to have all the LOLZ with the LED mask. Originally we were going to go for red to help with puffiness but I couldn’t handle the brightness so we opted for blue which is great to combat redness.
To finish off the facial, you get a nice long “lift and sculpt” face massage using her signature Butterly Stone
And this is me after, without any make-up at all! Although the photo is slightly blurry, you can see my skin quality has improved!