Beauty – Georgia Louise At Home Facial

Facials are great, aren’t they? You lie on a heated bed for an hour while someone massages your face. Sometimes you fall asleep because it is that nice. Imagine if you could transpose this to your own bed! I was recently gifted a few products from the Georgia Louise range: the Cleanse + Heal Duo Balm, Hydrating Rose Water and her trademark Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone. It is a pretty irresistible trio which was immediately included in my skin care routine. The Cleanse + Heal Duo balm and Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone now live on my bedside table ready to rescue my face at a moment’s notice. There is something quite wonderful about being able to absent-mindedly giving yourself a facial of sorts while reading a book or binge-watching your favourite TV show.
The Georgia Louise range is all made from natural products and everything is at least 85% organic.
The Butterfly Stone is made out of pink quartz and is used for its healing and anti-ageing benefits. All you need to do is use it to massage your face with it  – I use mine in combination with the healing balm – and it will help de-puff (technical term here) and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It comes with a little instructions booklet and is really easy to use. And well… If it is good enough for Linda Evangelista, it is definitely good enough for me.
The Cleanse + Heal Duo Balm might surprise you with its super liquid texture. It surprised me! Then you remember it can be used as a cleanser, a balm OR a moisture surge mask and suddenly everything makes sense again. I love it. Haven’t used it as a cleanser yet, but I religiously use it as a mask at night. The smell is relaxing and it makes my skin look and feel great. I often use it in combination with the butterfly.
Last up is the Hydrating Rose Water – a classic for dry skin. I spray mine before applying moisturiser morning and night, or whenever I need a little hydration boost in the day.