Letters From The Louniverse – July 2014

Tarot Card Of The Month – The Ace Of Swords
After a series of hectic months where many of us have been feeling like slaves to our own stress, July gives us the opportunity for a fresh outlook.
How is your internal dialogue right now? If your mind is buzzing and feels like it’s taking over, remember that you are the one who gets to change the channel – after all they are your thoughts.
When we are fully aligned with our own mind, body and spirit we are clear of thought and confident in the choices we make.  So this is your goal, to simply feel and be connected – to yourself.
Over the next few weeks I’d like you to ponder on the word “clarity”. What does it mean to you? Have you ever even felt it?
I find that it is a word that summons up my inner strength.  It reminds me that the exact point where I am able to change something is when I stop in the moment and choose to draw a line.  That line is the bridge between an old habit and a new. That line is a symbol of my own empowerment, and it’s a positive choice to feel good.
Clarity is the feeling that swoops in the moment that we ping back into alignment with our experience, and know that it’s ok to let go of things that aren’t working for us anymore. When we find and honour this clear moment there are no ‘I shoulds’ or ‘what if’s’. Instead, simply and beautifully, a clear space to receive fresh insight and believe in other options.
This month I want my mind to feel awake, my body alive and I want my spirit to feel ripe and full of opportunities,
How about you? Where are you going to draw the line this month?