RSVP & Come To My Private View for Hometown / Dreamtown

Since we are talking about “exploration” this month, today I would like to tell you about the options I am currently exploring when it comes to my life, career etc. First of all, I think some of you already know that because you have been with me from the very beginning, but this blog has been going for over seven years now, going through several incarnations, including the latest – which you are currently reading. I think over that period I have done my fair share of exploring… Coding, finding my tone and topic, the fashion industry and many more things I hadn’t really thought about before when I worked in magazines and in the gaming industry. Actually that is a lie, I had obviously thought about coding and my tone of voice, but not in the same context. 
When I started this blog, it was always about writing and disciplining myself to write daily – so far, this is the only thing in my life I managed to stick to for that long! Writing was the driving force behind the creation of Mademoiselle Robot. Little by little, I started getting more and more interested in the visual side of things – I’ve always created my own images, more or less successfully – for the blog, but until a few years ago, when I first laid hands on my Olympus Pen, I never actually thought that much about how I was creating the visuals. All this has changed and I think photography is now as important to me as writing, if not more. There is something very therapeutic about photography and to me, it is one of the biggest stress-relievers out there. 
And so, after a few years spent exploring photography and playing around with it on this blog, here I am, about to invite you to the private view of my very first photographic exhibition!!! I don’t think I have ever been more proud of anything, even when my first book was published a couple years ago it didn’t feel quite as exciting (and terrifying). 
[oscar speech] I am very thankful to Cointreau who kindly sponsored the event as well as the printing, framing and all that jazz, but also to the Hoxton Holborn Hotel for giving my photos a home for a few months and of course to the entire Unsigned family for believing in me enough to put all this together [/oscar speech]. 
If you want to come and party with me on March 17th, drink amazing Cointreau Fizz cocktails and have a look at my photos while listening to a DJ set by Summer Camp, RSVP by following this link. I can almost 100% guarantee I will ugly cry at some point when I see so many friendly faces in one room.

Just FYI before I go: all the photos are for sale, just email me for details. The exhibition will be up until March 30th so any photographs purchased will be delivered in the second half of April.