Exploring Tommy Hilfiger’s Legacy with People’s Place Originals

I’ll fess up straight away and admit that Tommy Hilfiger isn’t my first stop on a shopping trip nowadays. Way back in the mid 90’s during a long hot summer in Miami I was quite into it. Kate Moss was modelling it on the runway and having Tommy’s name plastered all over your outfit was de rigueur. Was there anything privileged white boys enjoyed more in the 90’s than pretending to be bad ass gangstas? I don’t think so. But Tommy’s legacy goes way back, decades back in fact.  People’s Place Originals is new capsule collection celebrating Tommy Hilfiger’s very first shop which opened in 1969.  Recreating some of the iconic pieces first sold there the collection is comprised of iconic rock t-shirts and cut off denim vests. Even though these pieces hark back to a time when The Rolling Stones were a new band, aesthetically speaking it’s a always a trend in one way or another. I guess it’s time to get my Tommy on again. 

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