Milkshakes and Ring Stacks in L.A.

I never travel without a great selection of jewellery – it is easy to pack and you can carry it with you all the time, making it the perfect companion.

For my trip to Los Angeles, I made sure to pack plenty of rings so I could wear different combinations everyday – rings are most definitely my jam at the moment, I am bordering on compulsive now that I think of it… To make things a little more fun, Emily and I decided to shoot our Pandora jewellery while eating and drinking our way through Los Angeles… She ate and I drank. This sounds bad!! Really we both ate and drank, of course. We each picked places to shoot at, they are all iconic in their own ways.

Don’t forget to check out Fashion Foie Gras tomorrow for some good food spots.
Lemonade at MOCA
In fairness, this one isn’t so much about the drink – although my cucumber and mint fresh lemonade was delicious – than about the location: MOCA in Downtown Los Angeles is one of my favourite haunts. The exhibition are generally wonderful and the gift shop is definitely somewhere you will want to spend a while browsing. 

250 South Grand Avenue, 
Los Angeles, CA 90012
 United States
+1 213-626-6222

Ace Hotel Downtown L.A.

Do you wanna know what’s really cool when it is too hot to function? Escaping to a rooftop and staying perched up there with an iced coffee and some of your best buddies. I love the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and London but for some obscure reason I hadn’t yet made it to the Los Angeles branch. It didn’t disappoint… And super bonus they serve Stumptown Coffee which is the latest coffee craze in the city. Or so I am told anyway.
Here I am wearing my “Complicated Coffee Order” Stack: Sparkling Hugs and Kisses Ring, Statement Lace Ring, Bubble Stacking Ring, Plain Stacking Rings.

929 South Broadway Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
 United States
+1 213-623-3233
Big Gulp & a Drive
This isn’t exactly a specific location, more like a state of mind. You stop at a 7/11, grab a Big Gulp cup, fill it with Diet Coke and get back in the car. Destination: anywhere. Emily and I spent an entire afternoon driving around the entire city to discover new spots while chatting and goofing around. A lovely way to spend an afternoon with your best gal pal. 
Here I am wearing my “Bestie Road Trip” stack: Sparkling Crossover Ring, Silver and Gold Leaves Ring.

A cup of joe at the diner
Aaaah breakfast in America. No wonder there is an entire album dedicated to the concept. It is a glorious, glorious time of the day. While we were staying in Silver Lake, we visited the local diner to indulge in giant pancake stacks (to go with our ring stacks of course) and other specials – hello Spicy Chipotle Benedict.
Here I am wearing my “Stack Those Pancakes High” stack: November Birthstone RingPlain Stacking Rings, Entwined Hearts Ring

3916 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029
United States
+1 323-661-1600
Drive Thru at In’n’Out Burger
You can’t expect me to go to California and not stop at In’N’Out for some special one on one time with a burger (animal style) and one of those palm tree adorned cola cups, right? I am pretty sure this one is pretty self-explanatory, which is why I saved it for last. Seriously though, go to California and stop at In’N’Out – don’t forget the secret sauce.

7009 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
United States

This is a collaboration with Pandora