I Love Teenage Werewolves

Mademoiselle Robot and I are friends for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that we have loads in common – from the kind of thing you’d expect such as fashion and music to more niche interests such as serial killer books and talking Pee Wee Herman dolls.

Recently we had the great pleasure of adding another shared interest to that list – shirtless teenage werewolves. Who saw that one coming? The truth is when Buffy ended (a whole 12 years ago) we were inconsolable. Nothing really filled that void left behind when your favourite TV show ends. Then Teen Wolf came along. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain the show to people in the hope that they’ll watch too. TV shows are alway more fun if you can obsess about them with someone else. The problem is that people always think the show is closely related to the 80’s film of the same name but it really isn’t. I think the Buffy TV show suffered for the same reasons when it started, not surprising if you’ve ever see the Buffy film (it’s dreadful). As it turns out the show’s creator, Jeff Davis, is an obsessive Buffy fan and that becomes obvious once you start watching. It’s fantastically well written – full of wit, tension, horror, engaging story arcs and most importantly great characters. 

But let me get down to another important point about the show – it’s wall to wall hot boys. Total sausagefest. And they are allergic to wearing tops. Apparently after you turn from human to werewolf your first instinct is to tear your t-shirt right off. Why? Who cares why. Homoerotic doesn’t even begin to describe this show. I’ve tried watching Supernatural, Grimm, The Vampire Diaries but those shows are BORING and the guys just aren’t hot enough. That’s the bottom line. If you don’t believe me check out the pictures below…

Speaking of homoeroticism I need to talk about ‘shipping‘. Shipping is when fans of a show become obsessed with two of the characters having a relationship, one that is not reflected in the show. This leads to fan fiction (you know the kind), people also draw pictures and do lots of other insanely creative things to express their desire for this relationship. Lord knows I love my geek culture but it wasn’t until Teen Wolf came around that I learned about shipping. Derek and Stiles are the characters in question here, one a werewolf the other a normal guy – in shipping terms they’re referred to as ‘Sterek‘. Google it if even just to see how much Sterek related stuff is out there, but be prepared for some of it is distinctly NSFW. It goes to show how much some people can invest in the characters of a TV show and at the same time is a testament to how great Teen Wolf really is. So why not treat yourself to a Valentines Day weekend Teen Wolf marathon. Go outside and howl at the moon. Tear your top off. You won’t regret it.

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