Beauty – A True Love’s Kiss

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, it is so near I already feel surrounded by teddy bears holding chocolate balloons…

I have been around for a while and I am no Spring chicken (bagaaawk) BUT I still wonder how I feel about Valentine’s Day. Part of me (the part that enjoys dressing all in black and being grouchy) thinks it is sort of stupid because you can celebrate loooove every day of the year and why wait for February 14th to show it. The other part of me (the one who has seen every rom com under the sun and has the ability to fall in love in under 15seconds) thinks it is basically the best day of the year and why not celebrate love for 365 days AND celebrate it even more on February 14th. As you can see I am kinda torn in half. 
That’s OK though because now I have a very special Chroma notebook with my initials on it to list all the pros and cons of Valentine’s Day – so far I filled half of it with some thoughts on the topic. I don’t think I will be taking part in a smooch fest this year, but I have thought about it long and hard and again jotted down my thoughts on the topic in my notebook, feeling a little bit like some Love Scientist. My conclusions are simple: to indulge in a smooch fest, a girl needs the right lipstick. Hell to indulge in a smooch fest, a girl needs the right lipstick AND a way to make it stay on her lips. That part is easy enough as by now you all know my little Lipcote secret.
How about finding your perfect lipstick? The test below should help you with the task at hand… My current favourites are Soap & Glory’s Super Fabu-lipstick in Man Trap and Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red. Both sealed with Lipcote and ready for smoochin’.

Lipcote currently have a Valentine Giveway called “Countdown to Love” on their Facebook page, go ahead and try your luck!

This is part of an ongoing collaboration with Lipcote