Thing Of The Week – Mansur Gavriel SS15

I feel that perhaps I am skewed here. I am presented with photos of many animals doing their thing, so obviously I pay attention.

The thing is, if this stunt had been pulled by any other brand, I might have dismissed it (I wouldn’t have, any occasion to stare at animals is good for me), but when Mansur Gavriel do it, I go into overdrive. This basically means Rachel, Floriana and I are soul sisters, that we belong together and need to move in to a beautiful craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles with a whole ménagerie (and David Bowie), where they can design perfect bags and well… I can stare at them in a trance while petting the animals. Occasionally I would leave the house with a couple hedgehogs stuffed in my bucket bag, or a sloth holding on to my backpack, but otherwise, I would just keep a low profile and enjoy daily hangouts with our pets.
Their SS15 lookbook is pretty much beyond my wildest dreams and I can’t even think of how amazing the shoot must have been. Marry me already.