Paris Visual Diary

It is hard to be a Parisian living abroad. I mean not “hard” as in “woe is me and my poor self forced into this London exile” but more in the sense that home is very near and “home” also happens to be the city that populates the dreams and fantasies of approximately 77% of girls between the ages of 20 and 45. The fantasies in question, being fantasies are often wildly removed from the reality of being a Parisian or living in Paris. Makes sense: the city if beautiful, the macarons are tasty and the cafés photogenic. It is wonderful for me to see a constant flow of images from home, no matter how far from my own experience (part of me also has to moan about it being a cliché, but that’s another story).
Last time I went to Paris was about 10 days ago, I was invited by the Plaza Athénée to their new interior designed by Bruno Moinard. I didn’t have mountains of free time but I figured that instead of thinking “I am home, I may as well stay in my hotel room and get on with some work” as I usually do, I decided to go out for a quick walk whenever I had the chance. Mostly because I realised I haven’t really shared many photos of Paris or addresses on this blog. There are many rather complicated reasons behind that, but I think that perhaps I need to start telling you more about my home town and first true love. Because the one real thing about all the Paris fantasies floating around is that Paris is like a lover. Hate it, love it but it will definitely be on your mind.

Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Plaza Athénée
Staircase at the Plaza
Avenue Montaigne
A rather keen sausage dog.
You can’t stay by the Eiffel Tower and not photograph it.
Les quais de Seine
Palais de Tokyo – fermé pour cause de Fashion Week
I am wearing: Filipa K shirt, MCM bag, Levi’s Jeans, Dune shoes
View from the Dali Suite at Le Meurice