Beauty – Get The Look: Burberry SS15 (Video)

Burberry SS15 Makeup

This week I chose to tackle a little something I hadn’t tried out until now. There is a first for everything, right? So yeah, I tried to recreate a runway look for you. I realise that the mere appearance of the terms “runway look” on this blog might have sent shivers down your collective spines, but keep listening… As you know, I stopped attending Fashion Week last year for various reasons (you can read all about it here) – this doesn’t mean I stopped caring about what’s happening out there in the big bad world, located somewhere between Les Tuileries and Somerset House. Before you ask, no, I haven’t stopped going to fashion week to protect my heels from the cobbles of Somerset House or my suede trainers from the white sand of Les Tuileries. It was a deep, complex reason (ahem).

OH LORDY HOW TIME FLIES. I managed to write a whole paragraph and you still don’t know why you are reading this right now. 
I don’t understand, honey, I am sure she promised a beauty tutorial, but all I can see is letter after letter after letter“.
Calm down, it is coming. 
What I was saying is that after scrutinising the runways, I found myself sort of nodding along to the clothes as usual, but really what got me excited was the make-up. Most shows I paid attention to used really lovely natural styles, perfect for Spring and warmer climes, but also pretty damn awesome for right now and forever. Although I am currently experimenting a little more with make-up to provide you with endless hours of entertainment on YouTube, I am mostly a one make-up style kinda girl. Even on my wedding day, I pretty much wore the same thing I wear everyday (proof, albeit a grainy one).
Wa-hey, I still haven’t explained what I was going to show you today. Well, it has to do with the beautiful tawny eyes and berry lips seen at Burberry. The look was originally created by Wendy Rowe. Just watch the video already and stop reading!!!

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Main image – via Stylist Mag