How I Wear – Leopard Print & Sugar Skulls

Despite what the title may imply, I haven’t gone all rockabilly on you. I simply spent yesterday cycling around Notting Hill and Hyde Park with my family… This was made possible for several reasons: a) as of this Summer Mini knows how to ride a bike b) Electra Bikes kindly gave us a couple bikes to goof around on. I am the very definition of fair weather cyclist: I own a Pashley (The Black Phantom) which is a beautiful bike, but oh so heavy and impractical. As a result, it only comes out when I can live life in the slow lane and this is a rather rare occurrence. I am always in a hurry. So when Electra contacted me with their catalogue filled with alluring cruisers and colourful city bikes, I was instantly sold. Fast forward a few days and I had two of them sitting downstairs – one for the husband and one for me. 
Just to be clear before I start gushing like crazy: this is NOT a sponsored post. I have the bikes for a little while and was simply asked “to use them and be happy“. They handle wonderfully, the saddle is by far the most comfortable saddle I ever sat on (sorry Brooks, it’s been real) and the large, fat wheels have been a revelation. The bikes are also much lighter than they appear and the price point way lower than you’d expect – the range starts from around £300 which isn’t bad for a great bike that’s also superstylin’. Wanna see what we got up to? Scroll down!

We fuelled up at a local café before our ride. Here I am wearing and a sweatshirt.

In Hyde Park wearing , and

How could I resist this guy?

MCM Knighthood backpack – this is my most faithful companion when I travel or go on adventures!

Insane detailing on my Electra Cruiser’s saddle.

A weird mix of Californian cruiser cool and crisp Autumn park day in London

Sitting down for a minute I had to be a squirrel creep

The bell on my husband’s cruiser

At the end of our 10 miles journey, we gobbled up burgers – what else?
All photos taken with the new Olympus Pen EPL-7