Beauty – Quick Breakfast Fix

At the moment, I find it really hard to get out of bed in the morning… I already streamlined my “getting dressed” routine, but the make-up part of my day is still something that takes a little longer than I would like to (I currently have it down to 10mn, ideally I would like to dedicate only 5mn to my make-up in the morning). So I am experimenting with different things: dropping mascara altogether, replacing foundation and powder by a mix of concealers and tinted moisturiser. In the end, I always go back to basics: when in doubt, slap on some bright lipstick. This works a treat. I also try to keep my nails in check, always done and always chip-free is my current motto. Or as Rayna James said in Nashville the other day “Nails before business, always“. 
Currently in my make-up bag are two wonder products from USLU Airlines (which are now sold in my favourite high-street destination, &Other Stories): a beautiful red lipstick (MKI) which is sheer enough for the day but can be built up to a great coverage in the evening; my second chouchou is their USL by USLU nailpolish in YEY (YAY for YEY!), for sugary pink wonder nails that are so far out of my comfort zone they created a comfort zone of their own where I am happy to prance around like a macaron on stilts. Yes, there is such a thing (dans la rue dans ma tête).

All photos taken on the new Olympus Pen EP-L7