Beauty – Guide To Long Lasting Lipstick (Video)

This week’s beauty tutorial is a little different: I have a very special guest to help me show you how to keep your lipstick on for as long as humanly possible. You see, the quest for a long lasting lipstick is something that consumed me for a good part of my adult life, and although some have come close, none has ever successfully passed all the tests. I seriously have a system for it: there is the kiss test, the taco test (where you must eat at least three tacos and still have lipstick on after), the napkin test and finally the make-up removing test. Because long lasting lipstick should still come off when you want it to. 
The solution I found: whatever lipstick I pick, I always top it up with a touch of Lipcote. Much in the same way you wouldn’t paint your nails and forgo the topcoat, you should always seal your lipstick before you head out. The reason I am writing this today is because our pals at Lipcote have put together a Lipstick Finder with all their favourite colours and formulas – which does take a lot of guess work out of lipstick shopping – but also they made the cutest video to show you how to apply the ideal lipstick and Lipcote combo.

Your lipstick mantra from now on…

Apply lipstick and blot with tissue; repeat;
Evenly brush quick drying Lipcote over slightly beyond lipstick
Keep lips apart while Lipcote sets

This is a collaboration with Lipcote, who have been keeping lipstick on my lips for a decade.
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