Inspiration – Denim 24/7

When you wear jeans 99.9% of the time, there are days where inspiration doesn’t exactly come knocking. Most mornings, I reach for washed black skinnies (with or without rips depending on the temperature), a tee-shirt/sweatshirt combo when I am working from home, which gets replaced by a shirt and jumper if I need to go to meetings. The only things I can play around with are my shoes and bag – when I can be bothered which is mostly never, because I am quite a lazy dresser. 
Like everyone else, I have an “Inspiration” board on Pinterest, compiling outfits-I-love-but-wouldn’t-necessarily-wear-even-though-I-own-most-of-the-components (OLBWNWETOMC – phew), but I find myself increasingly not believing in my own inspiration photos, mainly because I can tell the women in the pics are definitely NOT lazy dressers and that the way they build their outfits probably means they thought about it in a way I will never bother to recreate. I have no problem thinking about outfit “concepts” if I have to style a shoot or another person, but for me, no.
My solution to this inspiration rut was to create a renegade board on Pinterest, compiling only images of women in denim. Because jeans are most definitely the foundation of all my outfits, it made sense. What doesn’t really make sense is why all the jeans on there are blue as I mostly wear black ones, but I guess baby steps.  

Main image via VOGUE Mexico // Above from WeWoreWhat
Left via Views By Laura // Right via They All Hate Us
Tommy Ton for
Via Pinterest (source unknown)