Westfield & The Pursuit of Perfection: Jeans

My first pair of perfect jeans came to their untimely demise during a tragic incident upon an airplane involving a sachet of French dressing. My second pair of perfect jeans were so beloved and frequently worn that they required washing, so much washing that they faded into a mere mere mockery of what they used to be. I can’t honestly say I’ve too many other pairs of jeans that I’d describe as perfect, despite having spent thousands of pounds over the years trying to find just such a thing. 
Jean trends don’t move quite as quickly as other fashion trends and many of these trends can be achieved with styling rather than buying new garments. Roll ups, socks or no socks, rips and tears all fall in and out of vogue from time to time – but the iconic ‘blue jean’ is timeless. For authenticity buy your jeans in a dark raw wash and let time do the work. The key is to wear them in, and by wear them in I mean wear them all day every day until they’ve literally moulded to your body shape. I’m so fickle that I rarely wear anything for the amount of time that this would take but maybe you’re more patient and committed than I am. The perfect jeans will have light, worn patches where you keep your keys and your wallet and they’ll for that reason be totally unique. You can skip this step altogether and go vintage but isn’t that cheating? A great pair of vintage jeans will have been worn in by someone else which will save you a lot of time but it’s unlikely you’ll find a pair previously owned by someone with the same shaped legs as you. That would also be quite creepy if you think about it.

There are virtually no clothing stores in either Westfield branch that won’t offer jeans in one form or another. The trick is finding the perfect pair for you. 


Selvedge is the champagne of denim and consequently has traditionally been very expensive. Japanese retailer Uniqlo have recently launched their own selvedge denim range and are currently offering pairs for under £35, they also offer a tailoring service to make sure your jeans fit you perfectly. 


If you’re on a budget River Island offer skinny jeans in a huge range of colours and washes starting at £25. I’m fairly addicted to their skinny black jeans which are a great fit and also fantastically cheap. In terms of the top end quality selvedge runs into the hundreds as do designer jeans of all kinds. Urban Outfitters stock their own brand denim such as Indigo and Maine, along with Swedish brands like Dr Denim and Cheap Monday which are excellent options for mid range denim. For a little extra they also sell Levi’s as well as Edwin – an excellent Japanese denim brand both of which are hard to fault. 

Slim / Straight Leg

For an investment it’s reasonable to expect to pay good money on jeans but pick a classic fit. I’d suggest slim or straight leg as that’s a safe bet and also the most flattering shape. A word of warning – get the length right because taking jeans up can sometimes leave a very unsightly hem. Keep the branding as minimal as possible to ensure longevity. Raw indigo denim is the most versatile wash but in terms of looking after your jeans it’s best to wait at least 6 months before washing. 


There’s a lot of conflicting information around caring for your jeans. Some people suggest popping them in the freezer every now and again to freshen them up (I’ve personally never found this to work). Dry cleaning is also a good option if you want to preserve the colour and of your jeans. The rest, my friend, is up to you – get it right and you’ll have worn in patches in all the right places and a pair of jeans that will be at the top of the list of things you’d rescue from your own burning house. Incidents involving French dressing are to be attempted at your own risk.

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