Innerspace – A Five Star Hotel Bed At Home

I spend a lot of time in bed, or at least thinking about my bed. I am also sadly separated from my bed on a regular basis due to travel obligations. Sure, I tend to sleep in rather plush hotel beds on these occasions, but no matter how comfortable they are, I always long for my own nest… and this is because I modelled my own bed after many of the five star hotel beds I tested in the past. You see, once you tasted the glorious feeling of sleeping on a cloud, you can’t go back home and be happy with your own basic arrangements. I certainly couldn’t. So when I moved to my Notting Hill flat, one of my first tasks was to research hotel bedding. Not the whole bed, mind you, I don’t have a few thousand pounds to spend on a mattress, so it was mostly about working around my IKEA concoction. And that involved quite a lot of research, believe me. Because I love you all equally dearly, I figured I couldn’t leave you in the dark and so here are the results of many years of research in one quick and easy bed recipe, or how to recreate a five star hotel bed at home:Ingredients:

one mattress topper (down is preferable), one mattress protector, fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillow cases and a few throw pillows.

– place the mattress topper over your mattress (bye IKEA feeling, it’s been real)
– cover with your mattress protector (make it nice and taut)
– add a fitted sheet, preferably larger than your mattress size, for extra tucking space, you want everything super tight
– pick your bed linens: fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases should either have a super high thread count (as high as you can afford basically) or be made out of linen (like the ones pictured below).
– the throw pillows? just there for decoration.

I normally try to look for bed linens on discounted sites (there are many) or even amazon, but this time I was lucky enough to be sent a lovely set by Soak & Sleep, which actually inspired this post as I have been sleeping like a log since I’ve been using them!

For a good sleep, don’t forget to pick the right pyjamas too: my favourite are by The Sleep Shirt.