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printed trousers mademoiselle robot
Yesterday I went to see La Traviata at Glyndebourne. I didn't really feel like wearing a mad ball gown to drive two hours in the muggy mess so I went for something fairly casual. Rules are here to be broken, right? I wore printed trousers and a top from Wishbone, some embellished sandals and my Edie bag.

As for the opera... You can see more photos on my Tagstr profile! There is also a special beauty post coming up.

I am wearing: Trousers and top from Wishbone, Ras sandals, J. Crew bag. Below you will find my selection of printed trousers.

printed trousers mademoiselle robot
printed trousers mademoiselle robot
printed trousers mademoiselle robot - Life and Style through the eyes of a thirty-something Parisian in London


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