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Recently, as I was browsing the high-street for some stylish basics, I discovered something terrible: I feel too "old" for most the stuff I see. There are plenty of options out there for super stylish 20-somethings, but for the 35 year old non-office worker, the possibilities are somewhat limited. I don't dress up much, but I don't want to dress like I did when I was 16 (although this is sometimes tempting). I don't feel like a 35 year old woman but I am and I think I want to embrace this and I want it to start being reflected in what I wear. I've had a long and happy relationship with smock dresses, peter pan collars, rompers and other things, now it is time to leave them behind - perhaps pass them on to the next generation - and start adopting a more grown-up style. That doesn't mean compromising on what I love, on the contrary. It means interpreting what I see and love, mixing it with what I am naturally drawn to and what I currently own to create what hopefully will be my style for the next decade.

One of the reasons why I am writing about this today is because a few weeks ago, an email landed in my inbox from a new British label called Wishbone, catering to women over 30. This was just the sign I needed to start thinking more seriously about the current state of my wardrobe. Their collection is fairly small but that makes it much easier to grasp - it also makes it a better source of inspiration and a good way to judge the contents of your own wardrobe. It made me question which shapes I truly liked - I have been a sucker for skinny jeans and trousers for a while but are they really what I want to be wearing now? I feel I've been craving more comfort, more fluidity in my outfits. I thought I would try Wishbone's Paige trousers, just to see if this could be my new trousers shape. Turns out they are perfect for Spring - and since I am soon heading to Morocco I will hopefully enjoy a bit of early sunshine in them too. There are so many other items on Wishbone that I want to try, I think I will soon place an order and start improving my closet.

I am wearing: Wishbone trousers*, &Other Stories top and blazer, Reiss shoes, Jay Ahr clutch (shop the look below)

&other stories wishbone jay ahr reiss
&other stories wishbone jay ahr reiss
&other stories wishbone jay ahr reiss
&other stories wishbone jay ahr reiss
&other stories wishbone jay ahr reiss - Life and Style through the eyes of a thirty-something Parisian in London


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