Samantha Martin & The Acro-Cats

Before April, if anyone had asked me “what’s the best thing you could spend $25 on?”,  I would have had no idea and probably replied something really boring like “having cocktails with my best friend”. Things are different now, because on a sunny April day in Santa Monica, I became acquainted with  Samantha Martin and the Acro-cats
There is absolutely no way I could do justice to the show by describing the experience, but I will tell you this: it is the most absurd, hilarious and heart-warming thing you will see in your life. Seriously. Even if you are not particularly fond of cats, I think you should go and see the show. For one thing, it may change your perception of the feline types but also there are other animals involved in the performance, notably a chicken who goes by the name of Cluck Norris. Yeah. For this alone it is worth going. 
Aside from the obviously highly entertaining side of things, each acro-cats show is made to promote cat rescue and raise awareness around cat welfare issues in the States. You can foster, you can adopt and it isn’t always about kittens, remember all the older cats that need loving homes… If the prospect scares you, that’s not a problem: Samantha – the host of the show and expert animal trainer – spends a while demonstrating the virtues of click-training for cats. It works! 
If you live in the States, the full schedule of their tour is listed on the website, so please go and see them. If you are looking to adopt a cat, they sometimes have kittens at the show that are looking for homes so don’t hesitate to chat with Samantha… Otherwise, make sure you visit your local shelter, I am sure there are plenty of cats who need homes in your local area.

There is a groundhog. Yes, he is helping with stage prep.

This is Tuna, star of the show.

Some of these kittens were looking for homes