Mademoiselle Robot x Tagstr

I am sure most of you already use and abuse Instagram, Twitter, Vine and many other fun social media sharing apps. Today, I would like to introduce you to a brand new player on the social networking scene: Tagstr, a new way to keep track of what’s happening,  allowing you to take part in a ‘no strings attached’ sharing of photos, video and audio.

Tagstr uses hashtags to organise all the content created by its users into different shared moments and areas of interest. That means you can always see what’s going on around the world or on your doorstep but not just among your network of social “friends”. Founded by 22 year old Michael Venn, the platform’s ambition is to  “shake up the online sharing landscape and to provide a social sanctuary for people to share experience, not ego, whatever they are into, from graffiti to goalkeeping, cocktails to canal boats.” 
While I love a good cat snap, carefully edited food picture or a selfie, I must say when Tagstr first got in touch with me I was seduced by the idea of mass content curation. Covering an event is now a collective effort and a rather nice way to make new friends too! 
Throughout the Summer, I will be attending events on behalf of Tagstr and publishing photos exclusively on the platform. The first event I covered for them was Field Day a couple weeks ago. I went there armed with my camera and snapped away all day long. You can find all my photos on my Tagstr profile or simply by searching for #FieldDay or #MademoiselleRobot.

Come and join me, let’s hashtag together!

Join me on Tagstr – it is available as a web and iPhone version (free download)
Flying chairs
Blood Orange
Voodoo Ray’s
Omar Souleyman
Sky Ferreira
This is a collaboration post