Beauty – Museum Nails

For years and years, I used to bite my nails. Not just a little bit, mind you. I was the kind of nail biter who goes for the full monty every time. To the point that I had to find new inventive ways to hide my hands on a daily basis. The damage I did to my skin, cuticles and nails was painful, not to mention pretty nasty to look at. And then one day, I just stopped. It wasn’t even that long ago, perhaps 3 years, I can’t remember exactly. I didn’t do anything specific apart from putting some red nail polish on I think. Before that I had tried everything apart from hypnotherapy.
Fast forward to 2014 and my nails are long and super strong. Yay, nails! That means I can finally have fun with them. My nail polish collection is almost endless and I recently started venturing in the world of nail art. Anyone who saw me in the past month either swooned or recoiled in horror in front of my eyeballs manicure. It was actually Evil Eyes, people. I am also playing around with nail stickers. I have gathered quite the stack over the past few years and I recently acquired some very special ones in Los Angeles. As I was browsing the MOCA gift shop (possibly the best museum gift shop ever), these Museum Nails stickers caught my eye and I bought a pack (at $12/£7 it would be a shame not to). I put them on last night and they are so easy to apply, I now regret not getting a few more styles. The only mistake I made – and please don’t make it too – is to seal them with Sèche Vite top coat. I am not sure what it is about it, but something went wrong and the chemicals in the top coat actually started dissolving my stickers. Not entirely, but now they aren’t as perfect looking as I hoped. Don’t let it put you off Museum Nails though, as I think it has nothing to do with the stickers and everything to do with the chemicals in Sèche Vite that makes it dry so quickly. So if you apply nail stickers at home, please I beg you: use regular old top coat. Nothing too fancy.
Museum Nails, are basically tiny paintings for your fingertips. It was created by two Californian artists and their plan is to curate mini-exhibitions (on your nails) by inviting various other artists to collaborate with them to create new stickers. Mine are called , and there are a few other styles available. I quite fancy the eyes ones. Maybe next time!
Museum Nails are available from various museum gift shops (full list here) as well as and .