Mini Robot – Biscuiteers & Mr. Men Collection

Yesterday after school, Mini Robot and I headed to the Biscuiteers boutique on Kensington Park Road for a spot of baking fun. Why? Because the awesome Biscuiteers are launching a Mr. Men & Little Miss collection of super delicious cookies. 
Last time I tried icing cakes was for my baby shower and it was pretty much a disaster, so I didn’t try my hand at it, but Mini was more than happy to do it all herself. She grabbed a blank biscuit and got to work, aiming to recreate Mr. Bump. While it does seem as if she inherited her icing skills directly from her maman, she was very happy with the results and we all know that more icing = more sugar = more happiness.

As we left the store, and after receiving a hug from Mr. Tickles, Mini Robot declared that it was the best day of her life.

Mini’s Mr. Bump biscuit. We call him Mr. Lump now.
If you don’t like biscuits, there are cupcakes available. I can’t think of a little kid who doesn’t like cupcakes.