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Looks like we are back some time in 2008, back in the lo-fi days of self-timers and cameras on tripods... You know what, I think I actually missed goofing around alone in my living room like a loser. Also, I suppose if I take my own outfit pics it also means I can show you more outfits so everyone wins really. Today, I am taking you (well me) from zero to almost hero and showing you how I spend the day and how I make myself look a little more presentable if I need to run to an impromptu meeting or drinks.

I am wearing: Selected Femme Jeans,  Monoprix Linen tee, Isabel Marant for H&M blazer, MCM clutch and Sophia Webster heels. Shop the look below:

This is me, all day everyday. The components of the outfit vary (sometimes the tee-shirt is black, sometimes the tee-shirt is a shirt, sometimes the jeans are blue) but the idea remains the same: the easier, the better. And then suddenly, tragedy strikes: I get a phone call and I HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. I mean can you imagine? How dare people ask me to meet them to do stuff?

I stick some earrings on, these were £1 from the V&A which is essentially the bargain of the century and if you ever find something better I will have to personally come to your house and eat all of your socks.

I slip my fanciest shoes on - these are Sophia Webster, current favourite shoe person.

Grab a clutch, because clutches are so impractical they make you incredibly cool. "What? My hands? Well I never even need them because I do everything with the power of my mind." This is what carrying a clutch tells the world about you.

BOOM! I am all business-like and I look like a proper grown-up and everything. Take that, people who ask me to go out of my house. - Life and Style through the eyes of a thirty-something Parisian in London


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