Monsieur Robot – Lou Dalton AW14

I’ve never posted about Lou Dalton before, which isn’t a reflection on my affection for her designs. For LC:M I tend to focus on the more edgy, out there designers. My taste in fashion versus the clothes I wear on a day to day basis are contradictory to say the least. Lou Dalton’s designs are the kind of well considered, modern clothes that I love wearing, but often I find her runway shows a little flat. She doesn’t rely on styling or gimmicks, like many other designers do. Consequently I need to think about her collections for a while before I can fully appreciate them. Without the catwalk drama provided by other designers it’s hard to feel an immediate visceral reaction to such understated clothes. 

For AW14  she presented a sublimely modern take on the classic British skinhead aesthetic – with a few wardrobe staples thrown in for good measure. Her trademark monkey boots replaced the Dr Martens and the acid wash jeans came in every mans favourite colour – pink. Trench coats, camouflage, shearling collars – these are the classic trends wheeled out periodically in menswear, but in Lou’s hand each piece seemed fresh and exciting. The more you look at the collection the more influences, silhouettes and classic British menswear items you see yet somehow it still feels coherent, modern and most of all it still feels like Lou Dalton.

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