Monsieur Robot – Sibling AW14

Once a designer or brand becomes renowned for creating a specific type of clothing it can be quite hard to break out of that mold. The triumvirate of creative genius behind Sibling started with knitwear but it wasn’t long before they had pushed that medium to the very limit. As part of what I believe is a nefarious plan to take over the fashion world one garment at a time the Sibling collections grow in depth and complexity with every season. Knitwear is still the aesthetic cornerstone of the brand, but for AW14 there is more denim (following on from the previous collection) and some luxe accessories too – check out the clutch bags trimmed with heart shaped mink pom poms. The hi-tops are made in conjunction with Puma which feeds my trainer addiction nicely. I’ve cleared a place in my trainer shrine already. The knitted shorts also deserve a special mention, how cosy do they look? This has nothing to do with the models thighs. Nothing at all. There’s a certain hobo-chic to the styling too which I love. But really, it’s all about those shorts.  WHO LIKES SHORT SHORTS?*

 *Monsieur Robot likes short shorts
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