Miami Visual Diary

Miami seems like a distant memory, even though I was there less than a month ago. I guess Christmas holidays will do that to you: they extend time in one long stretch of food, days in and late nights. I really hope 2014 brings just as much travelling as 2013 as it is definitely my favourite part of this “job”. But enough of this: today it is all about Miami! Before I properly sink my teeth into telling you all about this action packed trip, I thought I would give you a visual overview. 

At Bayside, waiting to get on the Thriller. Bayside is a very touristy area, with shops, bars and restaurants. I guess you could liken it to New York’s Times Square or Leicester Square here. Not places I would normally visit, but this Thriller Boat Ride is worth braving hordes of tourists for.
Part of Downtown Miami as seen from the Thriller – when it stopped, otherwise you really can’t take pics. 
Location shoot for the Addams Family movie, when Fester suffers from amnesia after getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle and re-appearing in Miami.
Miami Beach hotels and condos as seen from the boat
This house was featured in Miami Vice. It was said to have been the Scarface mansion, but the location used is actually in Santa Barbara in California. The house currently belongs to one of the Real Housewives of Miami, Lisa Hochstein who had plans to tear it down. I will have it if she doesn’t like it, thank you.
This is just Federica and I, being extra special on the boat – I am wearing my Chelsea cat-eye sunnies from Taylor Morris
Quick stop at Soho Beach House to admire the view from one of the suites and play around with some MCM bags…
We hopped in and out of taxis a lot in our free time and this one had a particularly pleasing dashboard decor.
Accidentally matching outfits and shoes at the Louboutin Party
Lovely Lisa Cole’s most awesome Louboutin “Love” flats that I would have quite happily given a kidney for.
Downtown condos seen from the car on our way to City Hall for brunch.
Rudolph the Red-Everything-ed Jeep.
Christmas at the Miami Beach City Hall from the car window.
This is me undoubtedly working on some Instagram masterpiece at the botanical gardens. #dork

Quinceañera at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Eley Kishimoto print kimono at Pulse Art Fair. Possibly the coolest kimono I have ever seen. Obsessed.

Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of Conrad Miami