A Tartan Pinafore

I always say that my wardrobe is composed of three distinct segments: boyish, school girl and witch. This is clearly straight out of the school girl section. I wore this to a coffee morning at Mini’s school thinking I would make an effort and not show up in my torn boyfriend jeans for once. Schoolgirl error (geddit?) as I was greeted by many a “oh you look like you are a student here“.  Really I don’t mind, at nearly 35 I am quite happy sometimes to be mistaken for a strange overgrown Year 1 pupil. I imagine I’d be the Queen of Tag and probably the leading lady in the school’s basketball team if they had one. 
I’ve never had to wear a uniform when I was in school, we don’t really do it in France, and I am not certain I actually like the idea of sending my own kid to school in a uniform everyday, yet I have this fascination for uniform-like outfits and often end up wearing the very things I moan about. Give me 15 years on a therapist’s couch and perhaps I will find the answer. Until then, I shall be flaunting my tartan pinafores and other pleated skirts.

I am wearing: Mod Dolly Pinafore (via Spoiled Brat), Alice’s Pig Shirt, , Office boots, Paper & Chain Vega Rings in silver and rose gold, Fiona Paxton x Triwa watch (shop the look below)